Emerald Glen Memory Care Plus

Emerald Glen Memory Care Plus

Emerald Glen Memory Care Plus

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Emerald Glen Memory Care Plus

Construction and licensing was complete in July 2018 for privately-zoned Emerald Glen Memory Care Plus, located @ 3558 E. McDowell Rd., Mesa, AZ. Building upon the success and reputation of the three Emerald Groves facilities, owners Jennifer Tonna RN and engineer Patrick Tonna have chosen to comply with the request for a specialized memory care community.

  • Energy efficient
  • 19,000 sq. ft. community
  • 26 bedrooms
  • Not too large, not too small

So, what makes us special?

For starters...

Great consideration was given to the design of the building. To ease way-finding difficulties, hallways are short. To permit unrestricted wandering, outside courtyards are made secure. Two dining areas ensure that dignity is served to all, not just the food. Like to watch the cars go by? The front patio is also secure.


Once built, attention then shifted to ensuring comfort and familiaritiy. Rooms are 200-300 sqft, large enough to accept the personal furnishings to help establish the feeling of "home." Bathrooms are private. Although the larger rooms can comfortably accomodate two, an unfamiliar companion is often unsettling. Couples are welcome! It's your choice. The challenge is to deliver:

  • Safety and security without restrictions
  • The emotional feeling of "home" when the family has departed. We're up for it!

The Decor...

The community is filled with vintage memorabilia, things to look at, things to touch. We hope something sparks a memory, a recollection to share with us. We're listening.

So what's the "Plus"?

Cognitive impairment selcom occurs in a vacuum. To address the medical needs, we are able to provide:

  • Administration of Sliding Scale Insulin
  • Care to catheters and colostomies
  • Wound care
  • Teamwork with healthcare providers and therapists to aid mobilitity and lessen the risk for falls

In a nutshell...

Yes, we offer the same "basics" common to assisted living facilities:

  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Wireless call system
  • In-home pharmacy and healthcare providers
  • Personal laundry services
  • Medication administration
  • Assistance with personal hygene
  • Observance and respect to religious preferences and holidays

Going beyond the nutshell...

Being "special" means:

  • Our activity calendar is fluid. It follows the preferences and enjoyments of the current residents. What brings a smile? Anyone remember how to type?
  • Likewise, the nutritious menu is also flexible, following the preferences of the residents. Isn't that what everyone does at home?
  • We want to learn about the past careers of our residents - What brings self esteem and a sense of accomplishment? If it's a job, we'll make one.

Contact us

C: +1 480 234 0126
O: +1 480 758 4900
F: +1 480 534 7593

Location: 3558 East McDowell Road
Mesa, AZ 85213, USA